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The Community users role in a facebook group isn't a faceless one with just listening to people go about there business, we need to take part in the conversation by helping, creating discussion or adding to the community by providing some quality content found or created, help or advice which will benefit other users. This is something that most members miss.

Don't be a faceless community user

Time to ask a simple question

What is the first question you should ask yourself when you find that all important group that you didn't know existed until facebook advertised it to you all them three seconds ago?

what can I do for this group of community users?

As in networking in the real world the need to give before we receive is the most important part of a community connection.

How Many groups can i participate on

You can join up to 6,000 Groups according to facebook rules.
your joking 6,000 facebook groups Really!

But this really is a number that should have been capped a long time ago. why? because as a user (unless you live on facebook night & day) you can never participate in every important conversation in that many groups.

Each person is going to be different of course and depending on the amount of facbook time they have free and the number of friends that show up in the personal feed, (we need to connect with them too remember). will depend on the true amount of participation can be achieved. It's better to be good at communicating in a few groups than many.

3 Group Types

  • Public - anyone can see a post made in a group and it's mambers
  • Closed - anyone can see the group, but only group members and see the content posted in the group
  • Secret - The most private group type, only members will know that it exists, be able to see posts. The group will not show up on the users profile

A Facebook Group top tip

If you are thinking that automation is the way to go to connect with the many newly discovered facebook groups. Plaster 100's or even 1,000's of groups with the next best thing in the world since (hmmm there is so many good things in the world right now the list is truly endless)

Look out! most if not all good group administrators will be looking for the number of groups you are connected with and too many is going to mean a fond fairwell

What is a group?

  • A Facebook Group is a central point for communication, for sharing a common interest and openly express opinion to other members or to other users when a group is public.
  • They let people come together around a common idea, cause, issue or activity.
  • Poll, express objectives, organise, discuss issues, post photos and share related content.
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